Friday, December 19, 2008

Finworks slalom fins - coming soon

While it's become pretty well known by now that the LT and the Pro are very fast Formula fins, the upcoming slalom blades should definitely get your attention as well. I've been able to play with the prototypes throughout the season, and I think they were a big factor in my winning the slalom in the Canadian Nationals at Squamish, BC in front of always-fast locals Rob Mulder and Chris Prior. 

I was using a 40cm Finworks slalom proto with my Exocet WS67 and Sailworks NXsl 7.2, and the combo showed tremendous range through 9 races in a wide variety of conditions - from marginally powered all the way to lit up, from dead flat on the inside jibes to gnarly stand-up chop where the flood was ripping into the river current on some of the outside jibe marks. The fin performed flawlessly - giving lift and power when needed to pinch or accelerate, and just "disappearing" when really pushing it on an overpowered broad reach. With this much range, it easily replaces two or three sizes of a conventional G-10 fin, which is a huge advantage when conditions change in the middle of a heat. These fins will definitely be something to watch out for next season!

Finworks Fins - web presence

Dave's been hard at work making fins and moving his manufacturing facility. In between all that, he's somehow had time to work on a web presence. The basic gist is that the main site, which is still under construction for parts of it, will serve as a place for you to get all the basic information on Finworks Fins - models, technology, contact info, etc. To supplement that, this site will serve up news - whether team riders reporting in or Dave explaining some technical detail, this is where to turn for the latest on what's going on with Finworks.